Who We Are


We don’t just give technical advice and walk away, we stick with you all the way through!

We specialized in IT Auditing, Cyber Security, IT Risks, VulnerabilityAssessments, Cloud Solutions, Systems Integration and Technical Advisory. In addition, we also offer technical support to help you troubleshoot and find solution for your technical issues. Our technical services and solutions are highly cost effective and are designed with small businesses in mind.


Why we do what we do

We recognized the challenges small businesses face as they try to leverage technology in their business to boost productivity and to gain a competitive edge serving their clients. With technology constantly evolving today, businesses are faced with more and more challenges trying to adapt to suit the needs of the ever-demanding customers. In fact, many small businesses avoid addressing their IT problems due to uncertainty and the lack of knowledge and their own IT resources.

Over the more than 20 years of experience helping small and large businesses with their technical issues, we have encountered so many bad cases of systems integration, systems getting omitted during mergers and acquisitions, and bad implementation of new systems, all lead end-users not having access to critical resources, thus end-user frustration.

Why we are Different

AdvisingWe do not just give you technical advice and leave you on your own to struggle with the implementation, which often leads to a frustrating experience for you and your end users. Our trust, integrity, and our commitment to hold your hands through the solution process from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction, is why we are different from our competition.

Our technical consultants are not just systems engineers, there also highly trained in business at the MBA level, and therefore understands both business and technology, putting us at the forefront in the IT field of business.

Our Team

teamOur team of consultants have more than 20 years of working experience in the field IT field, performing system audits, third party IT risk assessments, and creating system security plans. In addition, helping large and small businesses solving their technical issues, problems and challenges. Our consultants leverage their skills and extensive experience providing IT compliance support around system implementations for SOX systems, in addition to reviewing security controls frameworks for client’s applications, web sites, and network infrastructure.

They are highly trained and certified at the master's degree level in Business Administration, Systems Engineering and Management, and Cyber Security, augmented with certification in standards and frameworks such as, SOC 1, 2 Type II and SOX audits, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-53/NIST CYBERSECURITY, FISMA, FISCAM, OMB A123, SOX, and SSAE 16. Our core competences are built on top of our assets, our team of experts.

Our Mission

To build longterm relation to provide the highest quality expert technical advice, innovative solutions, technical services to help remove frustration and impediments while trying to keep up with the fastpace technology changes to maintain that competitive edge.

Our Vission

Our vissionis to build the strongest organization that has consistent growth, remain relevant in the IT industry, consistently adding and delivering the highest level of services to our customers.  Our vision includes being on top the list of consulting businesses, when small businesses ...

Our Values

We engage our clients, our staff, and our associates within the bounds of integrity, Trust, Respect, Transparent, and honesty. We fully embrace equality and fosters a work environment where our employees and associates enjoy working.


McKinney, Texas


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